Teal Plaid Face Mask

Teal Plaid Face Mask

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Cotton masks measures across then nose to chin as follows:

Men’s  9” x 6.5”

Women’s/teens  8” x  6”

Kids 7-12 years old  5.5” x  8”

Kids 3-6 years old  5”x  7.5”


The back is lined and has side openings to insert a filter. For the adult sizes, across the bridge of the nose is a section of fabric to put wire through if you want! Twist ties and pipe cleaners work well. Just remember to take them out when you wash. Speaking of washing, the masks are preshrunk cotton. You can wash them on hot in a mesh bag. Hanging it to dry is best. If you must iron it avoid the elastic at all costs! It will melt!!! You can also choose whether you want elastic around your ears or around your head.

PS don’t microwave it. Someone says that sterilizes it. It will catch fire. You can’t be doing that.