A different kind of tie

A different kind of tie

Making ties for as long as I have you get countless requests for things. When I first started I made single piece ties that fit a very limited number of people. Then I got the hardware to make adjustable neckbands but still ran into issues where they still weren't small or large enough. The hardware was great, however, in making one of a kind ties, they would either be connected for the self-tiers or a hook for the clip on-ers.  Then those who couldn't tie a tie didn't feel comfortable with self-tying ties and those who knew how didn't always like the clip-ons and everyone would want the hardware traded out. All that to say I finally found a way that works for everyone so let me show you how!

bow tie, bowtie, clip on bow tie, striped bow tie, striped bowtie, navy, green, stripe, stripes

Did you see that?!? Connected above, unconnected below

bow tie, bowtie, clip on bow tie, clip on bowtie, stripe, stripes, navy, green

This is our neckband. It's made from cotton and we attach the hardware. The clasp we use has a sideways hook which feeds through the opposing loop. This hook has a slight lip so it stays hooked better for the tie-it-yourselfers yet still comes undone for the clip on-ers (just remember to loosen your neckband a little and you're all set). The cotton band itself allows us to make ties for ANY NECK SIZE so if you worry the band won't fit you let us know and we can cut it to your specifications.

We also hand tie each tie. They are not sewn down or made with separate components to look like a bow, they are an actual tied bow. If you don't know how to tie a tie and you pick one with multiple tying options let us know and we'll make sure it's tied the way you like. It will stay tied for you! BUT if you ever feel squirrely and want to learn to tie it you totally can. Obviously if you're a tie-it-yourselfer we got you too boo! Simply untie and go to town. 

Got it?  We make ties for ALL! 

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