About Us

Peake Ties started in 2010 with the idea for a unique Christmas gift for a friend.  With much planning and determination, we grew Peake Ties into what it is today. We strive to make the best HANDMADE, high quality bow ties using primarily cotton, providing extensive durability and longevity. We seek out a wide spectrum of patterns and prints so we are able to make the most unique ties to help you stand out in the crowd. 
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Bow ties red with white Kentuckys and the skyline of Louisville

About our Ties

Do you know how to tie a bow tie? Perfect! Do you not know how to tie a bow tie? That's great too! Our hand tied bow ties have a hook closure just like any single piece bow tie for easy, one step  on and off. Even the best tie-it-yourselfers sometimes need some help. If you tie your bow tie exactly how you like it, it can stay like that until you want to change it, just use the easy hook closure. You're not stuck! For those that don't now how, it can stay tied with the use of the hook, all the while keeping the hand tied look.

Our neckbands are made of solid black cotton. This give us the ability to make a larger range of neck sizes to accommodate more people! If you find a tie you love but worry about the size, let us know and we can fit it to you!  

Care Instructions

Bow Ties: With most of our bow ties being cotton, we suggest you untie your tie and place it in a mesh laundry bag. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and line dry.  Then take a hot iron to your tie making it good as new. Be mindful of the label and the metal on the neckband. Just like your favorite Tee the ties will start softening over time making you want to wear them everyday!
Neckties: Spot or dry clean 
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Questions? Thoughts? Queries? Want a tie as unique as you? We would love to custom make a tie just for you!
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Founder/Owner -- Elizabeth Peake -- elizabeth@peaketies.com
Chief Executive Officer -- Jon Baughman -- jon@peaketies.com
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